The rules for the league are as follows:
-the fee for the season is $100
-every single regular season and playoff game will be picked.
-for each regular season week (1-17), you can "best bet" two games which are worth 2 points rather than 1.
-for each playoff week (excluding the superbowl, 18-20), you can "best bet" one game which is worth 3 points rather than 2.
-picks can made up until the time that the game starts.
-spreads are updated through friday, and will not be updated again unless a dramatic event occurs (big injury, venue change, etc).
-forgetting to make your picks results in an automatic loss for those game(s), do not ask to have your picks entered late
Type of weekPoints for each gamePoints for each BBNumber of BBs per week
Regular season (1-17)122
Playoffs (18-20)231
Superbowl (21)4n/an/a

New Scoring Awards
-We are introducing 3 new payout awards this year. Best Better, Night Owl and #1 Fan
-Best Better is awarded to the user(s) with the most correct BB picks including the 3 weeks of postseason. The postseason BBs will not be worth any additional points as we are only counting correct picks.
-Night Owl is awarded to the user(s) with the most correct picks in Night Games, not including the postseason. This will end with SNF in Week 17. You can check your performance in the "Night Games" section of the Stats tab.
-#1 Fan is awarded to the user(s) with the most correct picks with one team. This can be any team. This will end on week 17. You can see your performance with all teams in the "By Team" section of the Stats tab.